medical doctors

Medicross Medical centres feature medical practices consisting of highly
experienced general medical practitioners supported by well-qualified
nursing staff and the full range of equipment within a modern and professional
environment to serve all your primary medical care needs.

Dental Services

The majority of Medicross clinics feature a fully fledged Dental department
equipped with the latest dental technology and manned by experienced dentists qualified
to render the full range of dental services across the treatment spectrum.

Day Theatres

Visit one of our Day Theatres today for all the professional healthcare you need.
Our theatres offer a range of services, from basic entry level theatre cases
to more comprehensive cases allowed in day theatres.


Netcare pharmacies are located within most of the Medicross Medical and Dental Centres.
The pharmacy professionals are an integral part of the healthcare team and
are well positioned to render an effective and efficient pharmaceutical services.

Optometry Services

Many of the clinics offer optometry services and are equipped with world class equipment.

travel clinics

SAA Netcare Travel Clinics can help you with all your travel health requirements.
We boast a team of highly professional and caring medical staff, keen to
ensure that you’ll be in the right shape at the right time, and that you
come home healthy!